Microsoft ICDL Spreadsheets


This course is an ideal starting point for those who have little or no experience of using Microsoft Spreadsheets (Excel), as it introduces basic spreadsheet concepts & also helps to develop a good working knowledge of Microsoft Spreadsheets , right up to ICDL level.  The course covers topics such as: The Spreadsheets Window & toolbars, navigating spreadsheets using the mouse & keyboard, entering in, formatting, sorting & filtering data, cell referencing, formulae & functions, charts and graphs, printing spreadsheets and much, much more. An ICDL exam after this course is optional & costs extra.




Microsoft ICDL Spreadsheets

Aim: The Microsoft Spreadsheets software program is a spreadsheet application that aims to provide each user with a range of skills that can be used to organise numbers & data with formulas & functions and perform financial analysis. It is used in a wide range of businesses ranging from the very small to very large.

Delivery:  The Microsoft Spreadsheets computer course is delivered by an Irish Computer Society (ICS) approved tutor.  The class is structured with the use of a power-point presentation, tutorials, workbook material and each participant will have hands-on computer practice.

What award do I receive? At the end of the Microsoft Spreadsheets Module, it is optional for each learner (at an extra cost) to sit the ICDL Excel Exam. If successful each candidate will receive an ICS-skills awarded certificate.

Course Duration: The Microsoft Spreadsheets Module is run over a 4 mornings 10am-1pm or alternatively over 4 evenings from 6.45-9.45pm. This course can be run as an individual module or as part of the ICDL certification (7 modules in total) or ICDL Essentials certification (4 modules in total) which is also available.

Entry Requirements: Good command of the English language. Intermediate level of computer literacy.

How much does it cost? The course fee for this module is €70. We accept cash or card payments

Course Venue: The course is held in Castleblayney Community Enterprise Centre, Dublin Road, Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan A75 WF72


Course Details

Topics covered include:

  • Spreadsheets – Save & Format
  • Built in options such as Help Function
  • Enter data into cells
  • Select, Sort, Copy, Move & Delete data
  • Edit Rows & Columns in a worksheet
  • Rename Worksheets
  • Format numbers & text in a spreadsheet
  • Create & Format Charts
  • Create Mathematical Formulas using Standard Spreadsheet Functions
  • Adjust Page Settings
  • Printing Spreadsheets




After successful completion of the Microsoft Spreadsheets Computer Exam, each participant will receive a certificate awarded by the Irish Computer Society.